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How To Join 
The Music City AACA


You must be a current National AACA member
to join the Music City AACA 
or any AACA chapter.


National AACA annual dues for 2023 are $45.


Music City AACA dues are WAIVED for 2023.

All National AACA Memberships Include:
•    Printed bi-monthly issue of ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE magazine.
•    The two most recent issues of ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE magazine online.
•    Eligible to join AACA regions and chapters.
•    Can exhibit vehicles & compete for national prizes and annual awards.
•    Receive limited free research by the AACA Library & Research Center.
•    Includes spouse if applicable.

To join the National AACA, 
print the downloadable application here:
or call them at 717-534-1910 
to join instantly with a credit card. 

You will receive your 
National AACA membership card and number
in a few weeks.
Please send us your membership number
upon receipt for our records.

If you are a current National AACA member
and wish to join the Music City AACA,
please send us your 
name, mailing address,phone number, and e-mail address 
and membership number.
Send to:
Music City AACA
c/o Randy Shemin, Secretary
6933 Harpeth Glen Trace
Nashville, TN 37221


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