How To Join The Music City AACA
You must be a current National AACA member to join the Music City AACA.

National AACA annual dues are $40 for 2019 ($20 between June 1 and October 15,2019).
Music City AACA dues are $10 for 2019.

To join the National AACA,

please complete the National AACA application form 
and submit it to them with the appropriate dues payment

or call them at 717-534-1910 to join instantly with credit card. 

You will receive your National AACA membership card and number in a few weeks.
Please send us your membership number upon receipt for our records.

Also send $10 payable to Music City AACA

with the completed information below and we will add you to our roster. 

If you are a current National AACA member, 
please complete the information below and provide your membership number
along with your $10 Music City AACA dues and we will add you to our roster.


Mail to:
Music City AACA
c/o Richard Berg, Treasurer
608 Hunt Court
Franklin, TN 37067

     Date: ________________

     Name: _______________________________________________________

     Spouse: ______________________________________________________

     Address: _____________________________________________________

     City: ________________________________   State: ____   Zip: _________

     E-mail address: ________________________________________________

     Telephone number: _____________________________________________

     Current National AACA Membership Number (if applicable): ________________________

Contact Randy Shemin, Music City Region AACA Secretary
 at 615-646-7815 or