How To Join The Music City AACA
You must be a current National AACA member to join the Music City AACA.

National AACA annual dues are $45.
Music City AACA dues are WAIVED for 2021.

To join the National AACA,

please complete the National AACA application form 
and submit it to them with the appropriate dues payment

or call them at 717-534-1910 to join instantly with credit card. 

You will receive your National AACA membership card and number in a few weeks.
Please send us your membership number upon receipt for our records.

If you are a current National AACA member and with to join the Music City AACA,
please complete the information below and provide your membership number.


Mail to:
Music City AACA
c/o Randy Shemin, Secretary
6933 Harpeth Glen Trace

Nashville, TN 37221


     Date: ________________

     Name: _______________________________________________________

     Spouse: ______________________________________________________

     Address: _____________________________________________________

     City: ________________________________   State: ____   Zip: _________

     E-mail address: ________________________________________________

     Telephone number: _____________________________________________

     Current National AACA Membership Number (if applicable): ________________________

Contact Randy Shemin, Music City Region AACA Secretary
 at 615-646-7815 or